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The Unpopular Marketing Guide To Improve Restaurant Sales

Advertising With Unpopular Events

Small businesses often struggle with getting customers, especially if they're new.


They use social media to promote their restaurant or bar, but it doesn't seem to get them the results they want.


  1. Untargeted Ads

Placing ads outside of a shopping mall, or on a billboard next to a busy highway may seem like a good idea, but here's the problem with that.

Although they are high traffic areas, people aren't there for the purpose of finding your business.

So what now?

Advertising specifically to people who are looking for what you have to offer will give you better results than selling to uninterested consumers.

​​​  2. Engagement

Interacting with both potential customers and establish customers are essential.

Not engaging with your audience is an opportunity missed to leverage and grow your business.

Some ways to build a community around your business

- Encourage (Social media tags)

- Offers (Promotional Deals)

- Events

  • Ad Campaign: An online advertisement created to generate leads for your business. Great for gaining new customers.

  • Sponsorship: Provide an asset of your choice toward an event pushing your brand's awareness.

  • Event Promotion: Promote your event to a targeted audience of people likely to come.

The Kickback Edition

The Kickback Edition

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